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Oct 14, 2016

How to avoid long lines at the Termini Station Luggage Storage

How to avoid long lines at the Termini Station Luggage Storage

You want to store a bag and you don’t know what to do? You actually went to the Termini Station and the long queue at the left luggage scared you?

Deposito Bagagli Stazione Termini - the long tail

Come straight to us and avoid long lines at the Termini Train Station.

The average waiting time to check in a bag at the Termini train station is 60 minutes. Peaks are on Sunday and Monday where the waiting time can reach the 2 hours. The same time is necessary to check out.

Bibbo Luggage Storage is located 900 meters from Termini and offers a fast and easy service where check-in and check-out times are below the minute. On Sunday we reach a maximum of 3 minutes.


All privately owned luggage storages in Rome offer a fast service. The exception is represented by the above mentioned Termini Station, where a huge amount of travellers go for this service.

Termini station, with 420.000 daily users, is the second largest railway station in Europe (after Paris Gare du Nord).  For this reason, it is one of the busiest places in Rome and using the left luggage service can take more time than somewhere else.

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